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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 2.0.2

Version 2.0.2. of MIA_Toolbox was released in October 2010.


-Added experimental new function
image manager
-Add export current image if group is empty.
-Add split import/load image functionality.
-Add algorithms gram and low rank
-Add support for other format settings and add looping for BIL and BSQ format.
-Significant changes to image file reader. Significantly speeds up reading (~20 fold).
-Reads file at-once and uses in-place permutation tricks to reduce memory needs
-Use spawnimage on toolbar for plotgui
-Improved density image apperance (Revised pixel sizes)
-Make legend entry for selections
-New utility which grabs current image
-Significantly improve speed for large images
-Allow transpose of ND images
-Add waitbar to show progress for large images
-Added new demo dataset (including "reduced" form of image)


box_fiilter -Fix bug when windows weren't even
crompimage -Changed from using nassign to nindex
morph_img -Fix for scenario when mask has zero area (do not normalize)
opotekenvirdr -Fix, wavlens put into axisscale not label.
rhist_img -Fix to allow application to images smaller than 50x50
spatial_filter -Fix for critical error which caused function not to work on non-square images
svd_texture -Fix for "isscalar" bug