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Calculate Variable Importance in Projection from NPLS model.


vip_scores = vipnway(model)


Variable Importance in Projection (VIP) scores estimate the importance of each variable in the projection used in a NPLS model and is often used for variable selection. A variable with a VIP Score close to or greater than 1 (one) can be considered important in given model. Variables with VIP scores significantly less than 1 (one) are less important and might be good candidates for exclusion from the model. It works for X n-way and Y up to two-way and it assume samples are in the first mode.


  • model = A NPLS model structure from a NPLS model.


  • vip_scores = a cell array with dimensions of: [modes 2 to n X # of columns in Y]. The first row in the cell array corresponds to VIP Scores for mode 2. The second row corresponds to VIP Scores for mode 3.

See Also

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