Sample and Variable Selection

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Sample Selection

distslct - Selects samples on outside of data space.
doptimal - Selects samples based on D-Optimal criteria.
kennardstone - Select a subset of samples from a data set by the Kennard-Stone algorithm.
reducennsamples - Selects a subset of samples by removing nearest neighbors.
stdsslct - Selects data subsets (often for use in standardization).

Variable Selection

fullsearch - Exhaustive Search Algorithm for small problems.
genalg - Genetic Algorithm for Variable Selection. See also Genetic Algorithms for Variable Selection.
gaselctr - Genetic algorithm for variable selection with PLS.
ipls - Interval PLS variable selection. See also Interval PLS (IPLS) for Variable Selection.
rpls - Recursive PLS (and PCR) variable selection.
calibsel - Statistical procedure for variable selection.
vip - Calculate Variable Importance in Projection from regression model.
sratio - Calculates selectivity ratio for a given regression model.
selectvars - Selects variables that are predictive.

Variable Correlation Analysis

corrmap - Correlation map with variable grouping.
durbin_watson - Criterion for measure of continuity.
super_reduce - Eliminates highly correlated variables.

Related Tools

lamsel - Determines indices of wavelength axes in specified ranges.
specedit - GUI for selecting spectral regions on a plot.
fullsearch - Exhaustive Search Algorithm for small problems.

(Sub topic of Statistics and Editing Preprocessing and Standardization)