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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 8.7

Version 8.7 of PLS_Toolbox and Solo was released in January, 2019.

For general product information, see PLS_Toolbox Product Page. For information on Solo, see Solo Product Page.

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New Features in Solo and PLS_Toolbox

  • Gradient Boosted Decision Tree (XGBoost) Analysis methods for regression or classification added (xgb xgbda).

  • Expanded use of custom font size preferences.
  • Use ReduceNN Samples and Unfold Multiway from the browse window.
  • baselineds - Simplified baseline preprocessing. See "Baseline Removal Advanced" in preprocessing window.
  • vipnway - New command line function to calculate Variable Influence in Projection (VIP) from a NPLS regression.
  • minmax - Perform min-max scaling, sometimes called "unity normalization" available in preprocessing.
  • Robust algorithm added to autoscale preprocessing.


  • Improved error handling for several importers.

Other Changes

File Comment
  • Add centering to DS, PDS, and DWPDS.
  • Open main plot (map) in new window.
  • Asymmetric least squares with smoothing, baselining & robust fitting (available as preprocessing).
  • Allow xref to be input as dataset.
  • Improved plotting performance, major gains for Matlab version 2014b+.
  • New option to allow ignoring of figures with given tag.
  • Add option for despiking.