Release Notes Version 5 0 3

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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 5.0.3


hjyreadr     Reads HORIBA Jobin Yvon files (needs LabSpec ActiveX control installed).


analysis Multiple menu fixes.
autoimport Import text files WITHOUT GUI if the error status is set to return errors without a GUI.
editds Fix tab deselect bug.
ipls Add logic to handle IPLS using misclassification rates rather than RMSECV.
modlrder Fix to show prediction information even if preprocessing field is NOT present in structure.
parsemixed Fix for empty cells in b which are not characters (due to, for example, a strangely formatted XLS file with empty elements).
pca_guifcn Allow selection and plotting of multiple items for Q and T contributions.
Limit max PCs to 80% of max when using robust model.
Add ability to show both Calibration and Validation sample contributions at the same time.
Add legend information to plots.
plotgui Add additional colorby controls.
Allows true linear mapping of value to color.
Perform binning of colors to speed up rendering.
Fix legend problems (reduce # of items in legend).
preprocess Use lower level plotting function to improve performance.
stick Improve speed and add hold to be compatible with previously held plots.