Release Notes Version 5 0 1

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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 5.0.1


setwts Sets weights outside the anticipated peak windows to zero.
fitexp Calculates an exponential curve and its fit to points.
fitgauss Calculates a gaussian curve and its fit to points.
peakidtable Writes peak ID information on present graph.
registerspecdemo Demo of the REGISTERSPEC function.


browse Enable all shortcuts in browse by default.
choosecomp Revise threshold algorithm to allow empty (which is now default) to indicate that algorithm should use mean delta of all values.
editds Fix for delete rows bug.
Fix to allow deletion of last class in lookup table (empties class set).
fastnnls Only do drawnow every once in awhile (avoids unnecessary slowdowns).
gselect Fixes which help 2008b compatibility.
Fix hiding of toolbar on select (when 'toolbar' is set to 'auto').
Fix to remove warning when doing xs, ys, x, or y selection.
jcampreadr Add multiple file reading ability. Pass files in as cell array, output of DIR command, or point to multiple files when prompted
Improve help.
Add options control of display.
Add waitbar for multiple file reading(and option to disable waitbar).
plotgui Fix bug viewing Edit menu with 'noselect' turned on (happens with Eigenvalues plot).
Fix for disappearing plot controls when they are closed (hidden) when docked.
plotguitypes Do not downsize markers on non;pc platforms.
plotscores_cls Fix for bugs when viewing CLS scores with cross-validation and/or different combiations of no validation y-block present.
plotscores_mlr Fix for bugs when viewing scores with cross-validation and/or different combinations of no validation y-block present.
registerspec Fix bug involving data_i and findpeaks mode (initialize variable as cell instead of double for findpeaks).
Add demo.
xclreadr Fix concatenation bug when loading individual files which do not match up.
xyreadr Fix bug when loading multiple XY files.