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Version 2.5 of Model_Exporter was released in July, 2011.

For general product information, see Model_Exporter_User_Guide.


  • Add support for preprocessing methods:
Log Decay Scaling
Pareto Scaling
Poisson Scaling
Transmission to Absorbance
Variance Scaling
  • Add Model Exporter Interpreter (MEInterpreter) for use by .NET applications
  • Modify to accomodate change in model structures for Savitzky-Golay and MSC preprocessing steps.

  • Update to new version of scripting which allows use of "cols" and "rows" functions (version 2.5)
  • Use new cols function for variable selection and much smaller memory usage in savgol
  • Add FormatVersion to output values - reflects the format version used on this model (including showing old number if exportversion option is used)
  • Add ability to revert to old script version using setplspref('exportmodel','exportversion',1.0)

  • Add new folder to hold example files
  • Add new interpreters folder to hold interpreters
  • Fix PHP example interpreter to work with new model formats
  • Add 'interpretertest' input as model to trigger getting a interpreter test model