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Create model for iterating over analysis models.


modeloptimizer(figure_handle);%Add snapshot to current model.
modeloptimizer(figure_handle,'snapshot');%Add snapshot to current model.
modeloptimizer('snapshot',modelOBJ);%Add model to optimizer.
modeloptimizer('snapshot',modelID);%Add model to optimizer via modelID (uses modelID to look model up in cache).
figureHandle = modeloptimizer;%Get figure handle of GUI.
newmodel = modeloptimizer(newdata,optimizerodel);%Add model to optimizer.
newmodel = modeloptimizer(newX,newY,optimizerModel);%Apply to new data.


When called with a figure handle snapshots will be taken from figure. After several snapshots are taken a list of unique combinations can be generated in the .combinations field. Combinations can then be used to create a list of unique snapshots know as "model runs", that will then be calculated. See modeloptimizergui for information about the interface to this function.


options = a structure array with the following fields:

  • duplicates: [{'on'}|'off'] Check for and disregard duplicate model snapshots.
  • add_to_run: [{'on'}|'off'] Automatically add snapshot to last run.
  • waitbar: [{'on'}|'off'] Display waitbar.

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