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I'm getting a "Cannot start due to license error. Error using save..." window after I enter my license code. Which looks like: Cannot start due to license error annotated.png

Possible Solutions:

We've seen this error emerge on some older versions of macOS. It's related to the matlabpref.mat file being write locked. Use the following steps to fix the problem:

Using the Finder window:

  • Open a Finder window
  • Navigate to the Go menu and select Go to Folder...
  • In the dialog box type: ~/Library
Go to Folder Library 2.png
  • From the Library folder navigate to the folder in the error message. For the above example this would be:
Application Support → MathWorks → MATLAB → mcr_v99 → Solo_MIA_95124433-2ac1-4d87-86a5-810b5788a233
Note: The name of the last folder depends on the Solo variant (Solo, Solo+MIA, etc.) and version being installed. So the name might be different than what is shown here.
  • In this folder, find the matlabprefs.mat file and use these instructions:
to change the Permissions for your user to Read & Write for this file.
  • Restart Solo (or Solo variant) and enter your license code.

Note: If any of the above folders are not present or the matlabprefs.mat file is not present, please contact our helpdesk at at helpdesk@eigenvector.com

Using the Terminal window:

  • Note the file location in the error message.
  • Open a Terminal window and navigate to that folder. It should be something similar to [but not exactly] this command:
cd "/Users/username/Library/Application Support/MathWorks/MATLAB/mcr_v99/Solo_MIA_95124433-2ac1-4d87-86a5-810b5388a433/"
  • At the terminal type the following command (you will be prompted for your password to run it). This command will give "write" permission to the owner of the matlabprefs.mat file:
sudo chmod u+w matlabprefs.mat
  • Restart Solo (or Solo variant) and enter your license code.

Still having problems? Please contact our helpdesk at helpdesk@eigenvector.com