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The dataset object is an object designed to be applicable to any data which requires storing auxiliary information along with the data itself. A typical set of data contains many parts. In spectroscopy, for instance, a data set can contain the matrix of spectra, the wavelength axis, sample labels, sample numbers, class variables, reference variables, etc. In order to facilite data set handling, Eigenvector has created a standard object, the DATASET Object (DSO). This object is free to MATLAB users and is used in all Eigenvector Research products such as PLS_Toolbox and Solo. The DSO object (standalone) is provided here:

These pages contain technical information on working with DataSet objects at the MATLAB command line. Users of PLS_Toolbox and Solo are encouraged to review the DataSet Editor and Plot Controls GUI documentation for information about how these GUIs work with DataSet objects.

DataSet Object Information