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Font sizes are stored and controlled by several systems in Matlab. Displayed fonts vary on different platforms and there is no universal way to control all displayed fonts. There are several options for adjusting font sizes in PLS_Toolbox and Solo. Try one or more of the following to achieve the desired affect.

  • With plots created by PLS_Toolbox/Solo, right-click blank space on the plot and select Adjust Axes. This will have options to change font for Titles and Axes.
  • Either from the command line or via the Preferences Expert adjust the 'normal' font size value option in the getdefaultfontsize function to a desired size (NOTE: You can also use the 'multiplier' option in increase all font sizes.):
  • For some windows the Edit menu will contain options for controlling fonts.
  • Use the Matlab set command to set a default size for plotted objects:
(Replace "14" with whatever size you want). This will set the default size for all text items (including labels). This will NOT change axis label sizes.
Change font size to 18 on the current axes.