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Version 5.0 of PLS_Toolbox and Solo was released in October, 2008.

For general product information, see PLS_Toolbox Product Page. For information on Solo, see Solo Product Page.


  • Analysis GUI has undergone a major renovation allowing for much more flexible data management, plot and data "linking" (connections between data and model results like selections and exclusions in scores and loadings), and data manipulation.
  • Analysis GUI now allows simultaneous loading of Calibration and Validation data and has a revised interface to make loading and working with data and models easier and more intuitive
  • Improved interactivity for multi-way data in Analysis GUI
  • Several preprocessing methods and options have been added including EPO, GLSW, windowed normalization, and baselining options.
  • Additional importing methods including a greatly improved automatic text importer and support for several Hamilton Sundstrand file formats
  • Improved editing, sorting, and visualization tools for DataSets
  • Model robustness tests in Analysis GUI and at the command line
  • Export model to "model building function" which can be used to reproduce a given model
  • New clustering method "dbscan"
  • Added "Color By" function for colorized plots and improved 3D visualization to Plot Controls.
  • Sorting of data by rows, columns, or any label field.
  • Simple "Open in Analysis GUI" option on any data to allow for simple multi-block analyses (e.g. combination of Scores from multiple models)
  • Improved missing data support (automatic exclusion of un-replaceable data)
  • Simplified window-docking options allow for "docking" all windows in a single Figures window.
  • Improved automatic factor selection
  • IPLSDA (Interval PLSDA variable selection) support
  • Batch and Wafer digestion support for "Batch" DataSet objects (supports different length batches)
  • New DataSet Object features (DSO version 5.1)


asfreadr - Reads a Hamilton Sundstrand data file.
dbscan - Density-based automatic sample clustering.
encodemodelbuilder - Create MATLAB m-code which will regenerate a given model.
ils_esterror - Estimation error for ILS models.
matchrows - Matches up rows from two DataSet objects using labels or sizes.
testrobustness - Test regression model for robustness to various effects.
tsqqmtx - Calculates matrix for T^2+Q contributions for PCA and MPCA.