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Adds a line on the current axes with a given slope and intercept.


h = abline(slope,intercept)
h = abline(slope,intercept,...) %additional linestyle information


ABLINE draws a line on on an existing axes with a given slope slope, and intercept intercept. If a 3D plot is shown, slope and intercept can be 2-element vectors describing the slope and intercept of the line in the y- and z- dimensions. Optional line style information can also be included. For more information on linestyle information, see help on the LINE command. The output h is the handle of the plotted line object.


abline( 3, -1, 'color', 'r', 'linestyle', '--')

plots a dashed red line with a slope of 3 and an intercept of -1 on the axes.

See Also

dp, hline, vline, zline