Release Notes Solo Predictor Version 3 5 1

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Changes in Version 3.5.1

Version 3.5.1 of Solo_Predictor was released in October 2014.

High-level Changes

Updated to be compatible with PLS_Toolbox/Solo 7.9.1 including changes listed in the 7.9.1 release notes. Notably this includes:

  • netcdfreadr - Added netCDF file reader. Defaults set for MS data.
  • Add .predictionlabel field to models to return the labels associated with the output of .prediction field.
  • Improve help content for Solo_Predictor shortcuts ( in all models and enabled for ANN in particular.

Low-level Changes

  • Fix for minor (and hidden) error in Solo_Predictor Field Monitor when attempting to highlight points when without any data present.