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Changes in Version 3.0

Version 3.0 of Solo_Predictor was released in January 2014.

Packaging and Compatibility Changes

  • Updated to be compatible with PLS_Toolbox/Solo 7.5
  • Updated libraries to be completely compatible with all versions of Windows (MAC and Linux compatability unchanged) and to improve speed and memory performance.
NOTE: Because of this change, there will be no "updater" offered for the transition to Solo_Predictor 3.0. The new libraries which this version is based on require complete uninstall/reinstall.

Solo Scripting Changes

  • Full support for Hierarchical ModelSelector Models
  • Revise how reducedstats option is handled:
    • 'off' turns reduced statistics off (all are reported as raw statistics)
    • 'on' turns on reduced stats using the EVRIModel Objects methods (only Q and T2 fields will be reduced)
    • 'force' turns on old-style reduced statistics where the tsqs and ssqresiduals fields will be overwritten with reduced statistics (allows for backwards compatibility with scripts that access these fields directly)
  • Add support for defining literal strings using only double quotes (without wrapping in single quotes) : mystr = "string"
  • Add ability to use "end" in indexing to refer to the last element of a vector or matrix
  • Allow writing to SPC files via :export command
  • Add support for indexing into objects with . indexing when they are created (e.g. @datacache.add(x) )
  • Add type cast (tcast) object for use in scripts - allows switching between different data types
  • Added BWTek laser (bwteklaser) and spectrometer (bwtekspectrometer) objects to access and control B&W Tek spectrometers
  • Add PDF Report (pdfreport) object to generate PDF-formatted reports
  • Add evriarchive object as semi-persistent object storage mechanism
  • Improve behavior and speed in importing strings and throwing errors on file import problems
  • Add :login :token :logout and :timeout functions for use with new authentication option (see Server Changes below)
  • No longer throws error when obvious STRING evaluates to empty (allows: "" as valid import)

Server Changes

  • Add option to require authentication before use of socket connection (web or otherwise)
  • Tune up tickle timeout behavior and disable by default
  • Additional diagnostics on refused http requests
  • Allow use of $tempdir in writefilefolder setting to specify the system/user temporary directory

Web Interface Changes

  • Add user authentication/management support
  • Add significant configuration options and additional hooks to allow more customizable applications
  • When new data is added to datacache object, make sure it is re-sorted into date order
  • Add new "loader" html which can be used to start a browser and wait for Solo_Predictor to start up and start serving files (when the server starts, it will automatically load the page we're waiting for)

Version 3.0.1 Addendum

The following changes were released in version 3.0.1 of Solo_Predictor:

  • Fix for indexing error when using ":" shortcut with no starting value