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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 2.5

Version 2.5 of Solo_Predictor was released in October 2011.

High-level Changes


  • Unified reporting of classification results for SIMCA, KNN, PLSDA, and SVMDA including:
  • all class probabilities
  • most probable assignment
  • strict in-class assignment
  • strict multi-class assignments
See .classification field in Standard Model Structure description
  • Support Vector Machine One-Class support added (svmoc)
  • MLR support for studentized residuals, T^2 and limits added
  • MODELSELECTOR trigger can now use of any classification model or a simple logical test on predictions from a regression or PCA model.


  • Variable Alignment method added (using either peak alignment using registerspec or Correlation Optimized Warping (COW))
  • Correlation Optimized Warping (COW) and Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) added (from )
  • Poisson scaling offset support added
  • Class centering method added for Multilevel PLS models and other clutter-correction methods


  • Omnic SPA file importer added
  • Galactic DHB file importer added (support in SPC reader)
  • 3-way data importing from multiple files or multiple Excel spreadsheets added
  • Excel multi-sheet document importing improved (better labeling and concatenation options)
  • XML format, improved importing of objects and image DataSets