Release Notes Solo Predictor Version 2 2

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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 2.2

High-level Changes

  • Updated to be compatible with PLS_Toolbox/Solo 5.8
  • Add ":export 'filename.ext' object" command which allows writing of an object (complex or simple) to a MAT, XML, or CSV file.
  • Update PDF with new documentation from Wiki

Low-level Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Modify preferences storage to avoid possible corruption problems.
  • Fix bug relating to naming a variable any character or characters (in order) in the string 'evrigui' and attempting to apply a model to that variable (returns variable without applying the model. ONLY happens if bad name is first in | command): v = '...'; p = v|m
  • Remove :debug command as valid parsing statement (debug mode MUST be turned on by modifying default.xml)
  • Add ability to get handles of all figures (including hidden ones) :figureall
  • Minor adjustment to figure retrieve functionality - don't make visible if using print command
  • Fix for displaying messages when in debug mode (better show multi-line POSTs)
  • When error is returned, also store "lasterror" info in base workspace variable (only accessible when privateworkspace is false)
  • Modified action when sendCommand is called before startApp (for 3rd party embedding only)
  • Rename http folder to be htpd