Release Notes Solo Predictor Version 1 0 1

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Changes and Bug Fixes in Version 1.0.1

High-level Changes

  • Allow import of generic filetype using: x = 'file.filetype'
  • Allow HTTP serving of javascript (js) and CSS files
  • Add ability to access sub-folders of htpd folder
  • Revised image drawing method (works in cases when figure is not "on top")

Low-level Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Read preference file ONLY when running as a compiled application
  • Set empty packet timeout to 2 seconds
  • Fix for empty post message bug (look for blank line starting with line 2)
  • Say that caching is OK for HTTP/GET images, but not for anything else
  • Report when user makes blank index.html call
  • Split out socketapplymodel to allow calling from custom functions